Pain Free Spider Vein Treatment in Hamilton, OH

About Spider Veins

Spider veins are small blood vessels that show through the surface of the skin in red, blue, or purple creating a pattern similar to a spider web or a set of tree branches on the surface of the skin.  Spider veins rarely cause serious medical concerns, since they tend to remain isolated to small patches and clusters.  However, more often than not there is an underlying issue that is causing the Spider veins. 

The visible signs and symptoms of spider veins can be a source of social embarrassment and discomfort.  About half of all women will deal with some form of spider veins in their lifetime.  The good news is, there are non-surgical treatments that can remove the visible & physical symptoms of spider veins.

Many vein clinics offer a temporary fix to the problem by injecting saline into the spider veins, a treatment that lasts 3-6 months. The great thing about being treated at our clinic is that your spider veins should never return in the same spot.  You may develop other spider veins, however once treated with our laser or Sclerotherapy, the treated spider veins should not return. 

The Cincinnati Cosmetic & Vein Clinic physicians will carefully examine your spider veins and decide on which treatment option is best for you, or if a combination of treatments will obtain the best results.  The procedures are all done in about an hour in our clinic office.  With expertise and precision, our physicians can help you look and feel your best.